Tara Lipinski: Gold Medal for the Ages

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Tara Lipinski is a 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist. She is the youngest Olympic figure skater, of all time. She is the youngest National champion as well. Tara began her road to greatness on roller skates. Her mom wanted to get the hyper child out of the house, and there was an offer for a free Care Bear, which was Tara's favorite kind of stuffed animal. The technique Tara learned on roller skates technique that she would effectively transfer to the ice. At first, the ice proved to be too slippery for the young prodigy. Within the very day she took the ice, Tara surprised everyone else when she was jumping and spinning with perfect precision and technique.

Tara was an incredible jumper, and she also skated beyond her years. Tara soon took to the national stage where she was on the fast track to becoming an elite athlete. Her competitive rivalry with fellow figure skating great, Michelle Kwan proved to be an athletic fight for ages. It was Tara, not Michelle, that won the Olympic Gold medal, in Nagano, Japan. The judges' decision to put Tara ultimately over Michelle caused great controversy between Tara and Michelle's fans. The controversial ruling still sparks heated debates even to this day.

After the Olympics, Tara chose to turn professional, concentrating on the artistic sides of her skating, She joined "Stars on Ice" and is also the youngest skater to turn professional to date. Tara's second passion was acting. She has appeared in television shows like "7th Heaven" and "The Young and the Restless." Tara's acting skills were adapted into her figure skating programs effectively. She has played a figure skater twice, but most of other acting roles have been more diverse roles for Tara. She successfully bridged the gap between figure skating and creating characters on the ice, or on the screen. Tara always brought a freshness and light to the ice, making her a young fan favorite wherever she would skate. Her joy and excitement was contiguous to her audience.

Today, Tara rarely skates in public anymore, she is concentrating on having a more normal life. She does, however, provide commentary for major figure skating competitions. Her Olympic streak will never be broken because now a skater has to be 16, to compete in Olympic competition. She is in the history books for eternity, and her Olympic long programs goes down as a defining moment in the history of the sport.


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