Sasha Cohen: Goddess on Ice

an article about Sasha Cohen

Sasha Cohen is a beautiful and accomplished figure skater. She is the 2006 Olympic Silver medalist. The silver medal was the highest rank for an American woman in the event for singles skating. Sasha Cohen has appeared in two Olympics. The first time she placed fourth one step behind Michelle Kwan, who won the Bronze Medal.

Sasha's biggest flaw to her skating is her own confidence. She struggled with consistency, the short program would often be flawless, and breathtaking while the free program would be ridden with technical jumping errors. Thus, this Olympian has never won an Olympic Gold Medal which was her ultimate dream. She tried again to make the Olympic team for the 2010 Olympics, but failed to make the team due to lack of amateur training.

Cohen turned professional following the 2006 Olympics and spent time touring with the professional figure skating company, "Stars On Ice" and also spent time devoted to her other passion, acting. Sasha won a role in a film.

Sasha had technical brilliance but her confidence often was lacking under pressure. She proves the point that skaters need psychological readiness as much as they need on ice training or ballet lessons. Despite her short comings, Sasha is one of the most beautiful figure skaters ever to hit the ice. Her spiral sequence is shown as an example to younger skaters who inspire to reach Olympic greatness as well. She has the grace and poise of a ballerina as she almost seems to float above the ice as she conveys her artistic vision. She puts her artistic package higher than her jumping technique it seems. She states that she devotes a large portion of her days to stretching and yoga, and it shows in her skating performances.

Her 2006 Olympic long program was skated to the music of "Romeo and Juliet." The music was taken from the 1968 main theme from the tragic film. This piece is one of the most popular and classic programs for Sasha Cohen. This program elevated Sasha to Silver medalist because of the piece's elegance and grace. The skater may fall but she still conveys emotional maturity and polish that most other amateur skaters did not possess Her programs stand out from the crowd because she takes her artistic appearance seriously.

Sasha's fashion sense has added to her ascetic appeal. She always looks mature, elegant, and well put together on the ice. Her costumes have taken from young girl to fashion diva on the ice. 


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