Ekaterina Gordeeva: Stars on Ice

A brief history about Figure Skater, Ekaterina Gordeeva.

Ekaterina Gordeeva is one of the most recognizable figure skaters in history. She is not only one of the most famous figure skaters, she is also one of the most famous athletes as well. Ekaterina started figure skating when she was only four years old. She began her skating road as a promising singles skater. Ekaterina Gordeeva had artistic promise beyond her years, but her technical skills such as jumps were not as strong. Sergei Grinkov was also a promising singles skater, but showed difficulty with single jumps. Coaches recognized their promise together, and they became a pair team. The pair went on to become arguably, the best pair team, ever. They have won two gold medals, and four world championships.

The pair also developed in other areas of life as well. Ekaterina and Sergei's friendship slowly developed into a passionate romance. The pair's romantic life transcended into their skating life as well. Each movement, each facial expression helped take each performance to another level. In 1991, the pair cemented their partnership by getting married. In 1992, the magical pair welcomed a baby girl into their life named Daria. The pair turned professional which helped them develop further artistically. Ekaterina and Sergei's professional and romantic life was beautiful every day. In 1994, the pair reinstated into the Olympics, and won their second gold medal. The fairy tale seemed to continue for the world's favorirte pair.

In November 1995, Gordeeva and Grinkov were practicing a new program for the tour, Stars On Ice. On November 20, 1995, Sergei Grinkov suffered a fatal heart attack leaving Ekaterina and her daughter, alone. The death of Sergei Grinkov shook the skating world, the greatest pair the world had ever seen was gone. Sergei was only twenty-eight years old. Sergei's autopsy revealed that he had a pre-existing heart defect.

Three months after his death, a skating tribute was planned for Sergei. Ekaterina decided to skate for the man that was her husband and partner, alone. Ekaterina's soulful performance showed the world her heartbreak through her ultimate talent, figure skating. 1996 became the year that Ekaterina would embark on a equally successful singles career. She would also tell her story in the best-selling book, My Sergei. Skating fans and friends alike, became a web of unconditional love and support for Ekaterina, and her daughter, Daria. Ekaterina's beauty on the ice spoke to fans on a deeper level as they understood her journey.

Ekaterina still continues her skating career today, as she is an inspiration to people of all ages around the world. Ekaterina has found love in fellow gold-medalist, Ilia Kulik. In 2001, Ekaterina and Ilia welcomed a baby girl named Elisaveta. Ekaterina Gordeeva is an accomplished athlete that has proved that humans are resilient, and Ekaterina in particular is strong as they come.



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