Ekaterina Gordeeva: Top 10 Performances

A brief look at Ekaterina Gordeeva's career.

Ekaterina Gordeeva has had a long and diverse careeer creating roles in both single skating and pair skating. Her expansive career spans three decades thus creating many pieces of art. Ekaterina is known for her elegance and grace, but she has expanded her resume to include all types of musical selections. Here are ten of my personal favorite programs that feature Gordeeva, and the stories behind them.

"Vocalise" was choreographed by Marina Zueva, and Gordeeva and Grinkov skated to it in the 1994-1995 season. Marina's basis for this program was Rodin's scuplture, "The Kiss." She stated that if the pieces of art came to life this would be what they would look like. This program stands out in fan's minds because of the poses throughout the piece.

"Si Tu No Estas" stands out as an important milestone in her career, and personal life. "Si Tu No Estas" is special because she skated to this program with future husband, Ilia Kulik. This program was the first program that she skated pair moves on the ice, with just one person since Sergei's death. This program was skated throughout the 1999-2000 season.

"Smile" is one of my favorite solo pieces. "Smile" was choreographed by Marina Zueva, and the music and message is lovely. This program is also special because it is dedicated to fellow skater, Scott Hamilton.

"Ribbon" is one of Ekaterina's most unique programs, ever. This program was skated with a ribbon while doing classic figure skating moves. This program was techniquely difficult because the ribbon was perfectly controlled, while being artistically beautiful.

"Moonlight Sonata" was skated by Katia and Sergei in 1994-1995. This program was used as their Olympic free program in 1994. The couple won a gold medal with that program.

"The Man I Love" This program sums up Katia and Sergei's persona. This piece is romantic, and fan friendly. The lyrics seem tailored to them.

"Fragile" This piece reprents Katia's essence as a single skater. The words of the music are by Sting, and is sung by Jesse Cook. This program was skated in the 1997-1998 season. This program shows her growth as a singles skater.

"Reverie" The program was skated after the birth of Sergei and Katia's daughter. This program reflected their personal joy as parents.

"Vocalise" Katia skated to this piece of music again, in the Russian TV show, Ice Age. This show was kind of like "Dancing with the Stars" in figure skating. I found the choreography deeply meaningful, and mysterious.

"Mahler" was skated as a tribute to Sergei. This was Ekaterina's first singles performance as a professional skater. This program is still heart-wrenching and difficult to watch even today.

Ekaterina has spent her life making beautiful shadows on ice. These programs represent different phases of Ekaterina Gordeeva's life, and to me capture the essence of this artistically complicated performer.



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