Alissa Czisny: 2011 National Figure Skating Women's Champion

a note about Alissa Czisny

Alissa Czisny is the 2011 National Figure Skating Champion. Her strong jumping technique and strong artistry took her to the top of the figure skating pack. She is a two-time national champion starting in 2009. She is twenty-three years of age, making her a veteran in a figure skating world that is packed with teens who are barely out of puberty. Alissa Czisny is a woman in the land of girls. She began skating before she was two years old. Alissa showed great promise as a young child, and a love for the sport that was unspoiled by loses or pain yet. Alissa also showed artistic maturity beyond her young age.

She comes from a figure skating family her twin sister, Amber was also a figure skater. Alissa values her heath and animal rights by being a vegetarian. She is fluent in Russian, French, and of course, English. Alissa is a champion along with being a summa cum laude graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. One of Alissa's off-ice goals is to add to her foreign language skills by learning to speak Japanese. In 2006, Alissa was featured on the TLC reality show called "Ice Diaries." This show chronicled the lives of elite skaters who were on the champion track.

While her jumps are being considered stronger with every passing competition, her jumps and spins make her especially lovely as a figure skater. She is currently coached by World Champion, Yuka Sato and Jason Dunjen who was an accomplished pair skater.These coaches helped her change her jumping rotation making her a stronger threat to her competitors. Alissa Czisny is best known for the technical and artistic brilliance of her wonderful spinning ability. She is what you would call the total package or a triple threat. She has the perfect artistry, the awesome spinning ability, and good solid technical figure skating jumps.

After a rough year last year, Alissa lost her love and joy for the sport. She was even considering retiring permenatly from the sport, but she hung on despite disappointment and despair. She worked on her consistency problems and battled her fragile psyche and now she is the nation champion. Alissa taught people an important lesson that no matter how hard the road may seem, keep going to fulfill your dreams. If you work hard, you can become stronger and mentally tough. Mental clarity and tenacity is the key.


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